The XT IEO Stage #2 Is Coming!

How time flies!
In less than 10 days, Stage #2 of the XT IEO starts:

Recall that the first stage was completed in just 40 seconds. 100 million XT tokens were sold for $0.009 per token. We raised $900,000, which will be used to develop the exchange and add new services. In particular, now our developers are preparing a new mechanics of the referral program, which will allow receiving rewards for attracted traders from each trading operation.

XT Token for Traders
A few days after the early completion of the first stage of IEO, we started trading in the XT/ETH pair:
The token exchange rate rose from the initial $0.009 to the current $0.020, rising to $0.036, providing a x4 increase: Moreover, the average trading volume is $2M per day.

It is important to note that during the IEO Stage #2, the XT Token rate will be $0.015, so investors have a great chance to acquire assets 25% below the market.
In order to prevent pump-dump schemes, all purchased tokens will be credited to investors after the completion of the second stage (early or planned).

Already, we are negotiating with several major exchanges about listing the XT Token. This will give the token a new impetus for development and additional liquidity.

XT Token for Token Developers and Creators
As previously announced, XT Token is a good investment for token developers. In addition to being a reliable asset with real market value and tied to the development of the exchange, it is also a unique opportunity in the future to influence decision-making in the development of the exchange.
Large holders will be able to vote for the listing of tokens, and the more tokens will be on the balance, the more powerful the vote will be. In this case, both paid and free listing options will be available through voting.
This will allow developers to list their tokens on the exchange, bypassing complex approval procedures and securing a victory in public voting.

We look forward to XT IEO Stage #2 and wish you all success!