Big Changes in XT Referral Program

First of all, we are grateful to all our users for their interest in the ExtStock Referral Program.
The XT Token recently began to be traded on ExtStock Exchange and we see interest in this asset from traders. The daily trading volume has already exceeded $100,000 and continues to grow.

However, we see that the token exchange rate is under great pressure from dishonest referrals who massively register accounts for false KYC data in order to receive a reward and immediately sell it on the exchange. Everyone suffers from this - exchange, investors, ordinary traders.

In this regard, we made the following decisions:
1. more actively introduce the first case of using the XT token: accept XT tokens for the trading fees and accrual to referrals of a percentage of trading fees earned by the Exchange.
2. refuse compulsory verification of KYC to receive awards. Now KYC is not required not only for trading on ExtStock, but also for receiving awards in the referral program.

We do not plan to suspend or close the Referral Program!

You can still attract new users via your referral link. However, temporarily the current rewards will be suspended, but after a few weeks they will resume according to the new rules.
If your referrals will trade on ExtStock, then you will receive rewards lifetime!