What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital crypto currency that is used all over the world. Read more about how this works and how it can be applied in the manual below.

Created in 2009, Bitcoin (or BTC) became the first digital currency to be used in electronic transactions, without any intermediary units, such as banks that require a transfer fee.

Now the market has a large number of cryptovariants, like Bitcoin, which have the same characteristics of security and reliability. The most reliable currencies are available in ExtStock.

Is it legitimate to use crypto conversions and work with ExtStock?

ExtStock is a trading platform for a wide range of cryptovariants, like Bitcoin. The account on the ExtStock website is completely legal, and the trade in crypto-currencies is allowed by the laws of almost all countries of the world.

Is my personal information protected when using crypto currency?

Yes! Cryptocurrencies do not retain any personal information about the owners of electronic wallet. Encryption cryptographic algorithms based on the attack are used by the system, which eliminates the threat of access to electronic wallets of third parties, as well as the forgery of electronic accounts. Bitcoin and other currencies are highly protected and completely anonymous. ExtStock does not transmit or disseminate any information about service users in any way.

Due to the fact that personal wallets are on users' computers, ExtStock strongly recommends that users do their best to protect their data from virus attacks and third-party access and take all necessary measures to mitigate the risks of robbery of electronic means. Among such protection measures is the correct configuration of home routers, the installation of antivirus software, etc.