Add Coin

Terms of adding new coins to the ExtStock exchange

Listing fees:

  • 0.2 BTC for tokens
  • 0.3 BTC for crypto-currencies and tokens, which require their own node.

Application for the addition of tokens

Please fill this form

After the application is approved and the listing is paid, it is required to provide the information necessary to add a new pair to the exchange.

Representatives of the project are responsible for filling the pair with liquidity.

Delisting conditions:

  • n the case of user misleading (before the release of tokens, etc.), changes in the material conditions of the project.
  • in the case of a project scam and other fraudulent actions by project representatives.
  • in other cases, which can cause damage to users and / or the exchange.
  • in the case of technical problems on the side of the coin, resulting in a long inability to input and / or withdrawal of funds by users.
  • in the case of identifying previously unknown information about the project, which would significantly affect the decision to include the token in the listing.
The Exchange reserves the right to exclude a couple from the listing without providing an explanation